Robert Laacke


Doc Burnstein - Portfolio

Video and animation examples

Animation and Design Reel

Live Event Reel

California Farmers Markets - 30 sec spot

StopWaste Leftovers - 15 sec spot

Children’s Council Bubbles - 15 sec spot

Example of a promotional “sizzle reel”

StopWaste Tango - 15 sec spot

Children’s Council Child Care Finder - Facebook Ad

Print Projects

Recent art direction, branding and packaging design for a new Hemp Oil Extract company.

Product Catalog


Product Packaging

CG Product Shot Development

11 Product SKUs at Launch

Social Media Ad

Digital Paintings


Copywriting (scriptwriting)

Motoroso is a start up I worked with to develop a turn key YouTube channel. I acted as Producer, Script Writer, Director, Lighting, Camera Operator, Editor, and Audio Engineer. I also gave recommendations on personnel and equipment purchases.

Radio Ads

Acted as Copywriter and Producer.

Thank you for taking a look. If you have any questions or want to talk further, please let me know!
— Robert