Robert Laacke



When I was seven, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My first thought of course was Han Solo, or if things don't work out perfectly, maybe Luke Skywalker. Then, realizing that outside of the Galactic Rebellion, potential for career advancement was pretty limited with those choices. Taking stock of all my marketable skills at the time, I was sure that anything involving math and spelling was out. What I really loved, besides recess, was to draw. It was clear to me what to say; "I want to be an Artist!" Then, as any seven year-old must when they are on a roll, I elaborated, "and I want to make a million dollars, live in a mansion, and have steak for dinner EVERY night!"

Flash forward many years to the present day and I think my younger self would be proud of me - up to my neck in pixels, as I am.

Sure, there's no million dollars. My current residence is what is referred to in Real Estate circles as, "quaint," or a "charming fixer-up-er." And knowing what I do now about red meat, my intake might be a little disappointing to my younger self. But, overall I feel like I've done well for myself.

I've had the pleasure of working with interesting companies and brands such as Apple, Nike, HBO, and Disney.  I've traveled the world creating experiences for Live events.  I've tried to change the world a little with EarthJustice. I even got to do my small part for Star Wars (!!).

Currently, I'm looking forward to forging new relationships with Studios and Agencies big and small.  I can't wait to share what I know and shamelessly absorb everything I can from the experts around me.

Failing that, I guess I'll fall back to plan "B" and become an intergalactic scoundrel.